3.1 Model Response

This is a model response plan to the formula question on the organisation & control in a media industry - based on the study of the Studio system 1920-50 in American Movie making.


You should not assume that learning this response by rote will be adequate for a response in the actual examination as there will be differences between this rubric from 2006 and that given in 2007.

Explain and analyse how a specific media industry is organised and controlled. You are required to perceptively analyse the role of at least one important feature and / or one key person within the organisation of the industry and how at least one important internal or external control operates within or over the industry. Offer reasons for these developments and explain how effective these structures and controls where in affecting the development of the media industry involved.

Planning the response


You are NOT writing five paragraphs you are writing five sections of a coherent essay - each section will have more than one paragraph if you are to fully explore the ideas you are discussing. The suggestions in brackets indicate how much content you should be considering when you write the essay.)
  1. State the industry type and the structure and controls in a brief explanatory statement. i.e. tell me what you intend to discuss. You are discussing: The Movie Industry in the USA between 1920 and 50 which is known as the period of the Studio System.(one paragraph)
  2. Provide a brief historical framework / context that indicates how and why the structure / controls evolved within the industry. (two paragraphs)
  3. Identify the main structural feature and / or person involved with your chosen industry (note the rubric says "at least one" - this does not mean only one - it is a statement of the minimum required - you should provide more to ensure consideration for merit / excellence standard.) Now describe this feature - explain how and why this feature is important - comment on its effects on the industry. Provide examples to justify your statements. (three paragraphs.)
  4. Identify the main control/s, both internal and external, on the industry. Remember that the controls often over lap. Describe the control/s, explain how they operated and comment on the effect these controls had on the development of the industry. Provide examples to justify your statements. (three paragraphs)
  5. Draw your response to a conclusion - you may need to explain that the results / effect of the controls extended past the period identified as ramifications are not always immediate. Point out how the structure and controls are interlinked within this industry. (two paragraphs)
Now write your essay:
Use the reference material provided in the power point presentation in "The Studio System In Action" for information on:
  • The Big Five Studios and the other studio players.
  • The internal structures of each Studio and how they were designed to maximise production using an industrial model of assembly. Check the diagram slides in the presentation for a simple revision outline.
  • The vertical integration of the industry to dominate the means of Production, Distribution and Exhibition.
  • Moral outrage and the emergence of attempts to censor the industry and its personnel (Fatty Arbuckle case ) and the effects on the Studios.
  • The different internal and external controls that came into play on the Studios - particularly the Anti-Trust legislation of 1948 on the vertical integration model. Check the diagram slides for a simple revision outline of these.
  • Additional material that will add to the quality of your response is available through the hyperlinks on the 3.1 wiki-spaces.