The Scholar

Academic Requirements

Entry to this course requires Achievement or above in one internal and one external in Level 2 Media Studies or six or more level 2 credits in English.
If you don't fit into these criteria you need to negotiate with Mr Papprill.


This course is not one in which you spend the time merely watching a lot of films.
You need to be willing to closely analyse them and be willing to examine them in terms of the time, the society and the political situations that they came from.
You have to read about the films and to write clear, well argued analyses of the films.
You should have an ongoing interest in popular culture, in politics and history as well as an appreciation of art if you want to get the most out of the course. Have a look at the extra readings page to see what we mean by this.
Check out the examiners' reports to get an idea about what the examination expects of you.