Andrew Niccol Biography:

Born Auckland, New Zealand 1964
TV commercial maker in U.K. until located to USA to make movies.
Wrote the screen play for The Truman Show before Gattaca. Reputation from the themes and direction of Gattaca (1997) and S1m0ne (2002).
Films have had mixed reviews but share common thematic structures and focus - i.e. Science Fiction exploration of the effects of scientific advance coupled with the impact of technology on an individual's life. ( to more detail )

images.jpeg 1997: Gattaca

1998: The Truman Show (screenplay)Truman_show_(movieposter).gif

S1m0nea.jpg2002: S1m0ne

2004: The Terminal (author screenwriter)
2005: Lord of War.
Niccol has said that he never set out to specialise in social Science Fiction film - the projects just end up that way.
Niccol's films go beyond the FX laden space cartoons of "Star Wars" to approach something more thought provoking and less formulaic that your average adventure-comedy or intergalatic epic. ( Kathi Maio "Lost in the Land of Fake Fakes" Fantasy & Science Fiction Jan. 2003. Vol 104 Issue 1 pp 130-136. )