Report Card
Crucial Vocab for NCEA

TEAM Solutions analysed the examioners' expectations and definitions of the crucial vocabulary used in NCEA examinations. The following is a summary of their findings.

Media Studies uses the instructional verbs in these ways:
ANALYSE: Contemplate how media producers and audiences "think" about products at times of radical change. Argued for and against and analysed a variety of viewpoints. Display strong analytical skills shown through such things as critical thinking, considring different perspectives, examining in detail, developing a coherent argument, astute selection and use ofevidence, deriving generalisations fromexamples, the ability to apply themain concepts of Media Studies in appropriate ways and draw well-supported and thoughtful conclusions from the material.
CRITICALLY ANALYSE: Must be able to interrogate the quotatations given as starters in the question. It is important to have a critical understanding of the social, cultural, technological, industrial, economic and political contexts in which texts are produced, circulated or consumed.
SYNTHESISE: Integrate a wide range of texts and contexts in the exmination of the topic or issue. Being able to intgrate and synthesise implies an aptitude for seeing the "big picture". The student is able to connect and combine different elements in a coherent way to produce an overarching view.
CREATE / SHOW ORIGINAL THINKING: Showing consistently insightful analysis and orginality of thought. Independence and originality of thought refer to evidence that the student can confidently think for themselves, consider a problem from a range of diferent angles and come up with fresh ideas.
STYLE: Grasped the question and quote forcefully and wrote a coherent, powerfully argued and well- supported response.

Did not define or understand key terms
Did not answer the question
Did not respond to the quotation effectively
Wrote an obviously pre-prepared essay
Unsupported generalised statements
Inaccurate evidence
Did not provide a detailed examination of the topic
Drew unsupported or questionable conclusions
Described and explained rather than analysed
Had not viewed or understood the texts they discussed.

As students in a media studies class you need to understand the terminology and ensure that you have prepared yourself with enough background knowledge to take you past the superficial commentary on the topics to be explored in the examination.