The future looks grim... but it's really about the world as it is NOW. (Empire magazine)

The term "Dystopia" was coined by philosopher John Stuart Mill: "the here and now... horrified speculations
of what's just over the horizon if we don't, in some sense, mend our ways..."

Common themes in dystopian science fiction are based on:
- Effects of globalisation
- Concerns about A.I. (artificial intelligence)
- Nuclear terror
- Memories of the horrors of Nazi Germany/Stalinist Russia


Key films to discuss and compare (you have viewed these in part or in full):
Metropolis critique of new edit of this classic film: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/10/22/movies/22metropolis.html?nl=movies&emc=mua3
A Clockwork Orange
V for Vendetta
V For Vendetta
Here are some sites that will help you understand the film
Official Web site

Here is a site that has a few pages of the Graphic novel.

Here is site that look at the film critically.

Here are some quizzes.

Movie quiz
Fill in the gaps
IQ test

Here is an exemplar of an essay.
Here is the practise essay we did in class.

Other key films in this subgenre:
Blade Runner
Soylent Green
12 Monkeys
The Terminator (recommended along with T2 - avoid T3. It's not as bad as
you might think but it just can't compare with the first two.)
Alien & Aliens (as above - Alien 3 mediocre and Alien 4 just plain bad)
I, Robot (however, EM recommends reading Isaac Asimov's short stories
rather than watch the mediocre-looking Will Smith movie version)
Sleep Dealer (2008) a new SF film looking at exploitation of workers and mind control.

Click PLAY below to watch a trailer for Nineteen Eighty-Four (film version of
the George Orwell novel; made in 1984 and starring John Hurt.)