Achievement Standards 3,4 requires you to explain the relationship between a media genre and society.


For the purposes of this standard the crucial words are:

Genre Groups: texts by identifying common codes and conventions. Includes: Horror, Westerns, Film Noir, Thrillers, Science Fiction, Documentary...
Relationship: refers to the influence of the genre on society and the influence of society on the genre and may include developments over time.
Influences can include: political & economic climate, idealogical, moral, spiritual & social values, technological changes, audience demand ...
Influence on society may include: "copycatting" or imitation of styles or trends in the genre by individuals in society. Cjanges in societal expectations and beliefs, influence on other media forms...
Developments can be: technological and or stylistic changes to the genre over a period of time.
A range of texts should be studied - you are to discuss, explain & analyse the genre as a whole in a perceptive manner.
After reading these wiki pages you are invited to enter into a discussion on the films and their relationship to the society in the western hemisphere (Western Europe, the USA & Australasia.)
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