Information about Comics


This page is a series of weblinks to serious websites about comics.

Why Comics are not good literature - the debate of the 1950s.
History of Comics - themes & issues in
Scott McCloud: Home. Wikipedia discussion
Amazing Montage Magazine - a site devoted to theory and analysis of comics
The Comics Journal - check out Ana Merino - women in comics
extracts from Understanding comics / inventing comics
Will Eisner - a comic writer & theorist
Theory of comics- Essays on Comic theory
Visual rhyming in comics ( more )
Comixpedia website - all you ever want to know and more
Superman - this site provides analysis of alternate readings of the strip and the comics.
visual design of comics
Jib-Jab site - a comic resource
Comic strips & writing
How to read a comic.
Reading Comics
Analysing comics. (more. more more )
Joe Sacco - Graphic Novel & politics
V for Vendetta (more)
Iron Man. An article from the N.Z.Herald on the representations of the character in the the original Iron Man Comic over the years since its inception.