Media Research

This is the assessment specification and task for the Media Research paper. You are advised to read these in conjunction with your in class notes and in discussion with your teacher.
The task and explanatory notes are at the end of this page.
The "How to reference your material "resource document is required reading against the research task.

Achievement Standard

Subject Reference Media Studies 3.3

Title Investigate an aspect of media and explain its significance for New Zealand

Level 3 Credits 4 Assessment Internal

Subfield Social Science Studies

Domain Media Studies

Registration date 7 December 2005 Date version published 7 December 2005

This achievement standard requires the investigation of an aspect of media and an explanation of its significance for New Zealand.

Explanatory Notes

1 Investigate involves defining an appropriate aspect; and identifying, processing and referencing relevant data.

2 An aspect of media may be a media issue such as censorship, violence in the media, impact of globalisation, ethics; or such topics as the history of a medium, technological developments, advertising, representations, the study of the work of a New Zealand film maker etc.

3 Significance means the impact on New Zealand eg social, cultural, political, historical, economic, ideological.

4 Definitions
• Explain means to clarify with reasons.
• Analyse means a detailed examination that could include carrying the study to wider implications.
• Analyse perceptively means with insight.

Replacement Information
This achievement standard replaced AS90601 and AS90603.

Research Task and explanatory notes.

How to reference your research paper.