The NewsPapers2.jpegpaper Industry in New Zealand

The following links give you access to data about New Zealand Newspaper & print industry. These links are not exhaustive so you need to access data from other sources as well.

EPIC resource base (requires Howick College id & password )
National Library of N.Z.

NZ_Papers1.jpeg (click the map for a link)
Online N.Z. Papers

sub_papers.jpegSuburban Newspapers in N.Z.

History of INL
Ownership NZ Papers. more / more / more / more / more / more / more / more
Who owns the Media in New Zealand? Rosenberg essay.

Accessing NZ Papers

The quality of journalism in New Zealand. Send in the Clowns as reporters.
Overseas Newspapers



Worldwide Ownership issues

Ownership of Media (Canterbury University Research)

Media Studies