Andrew Niccol


Genre: Science Fiction - Satirical Social Commentary on Movie Industry
Plot Summary: Victor Taransky is a two-time Oscar nominated director - a veteran of the New York independent film scene of the 70's, who is feuding with a bitchy actress over the size of her on-set trailer. Victor's ex-wife Elaine, the studio head, fires him which replicates a N.Y. scene as he bellows about the spirit of John Cassavetes.
As Victor packs his gear he is visited by a one-eyed computer geek who insists he's invented an antidote to the self obsessed celeb actors- a virtual simulation of an actress. Victor dismisses him but then discovers, on the death of the geek, that he has been left the computer program and equipment to create S1m0ne.
Victor's experiments with S1m0ne result in two Oscars for the films he makes with her as a Star. S1m0ne accepts the awards by videophone from her "Third World Goodwill Tour" and her career explodes.
Victor attempts to destroy her credibility with unwatchable an "art house" film - "I am Pig" and politically incorrect TV interviews. The attempts fail. Victor attempts to "kill" her but is thwarted. He is forced to resurrect her from the hard drive!
Public opinion sees her announcing that she will run for political office - as the USA President. The audience is left wondering what if "she" succeeds?
Social Commentary:
1) Celebrity fascination and ego - paparazzi / Actors as politicians (Reagan / Schwarzenegger ) as celebrity ambassodors.
2) CGI characters & possibilities in film industry.
3) The nature of reality as we accept the virtual world.
4) The power of the media to influence politics / public attitudes.
5) Studio System & control of actors
6) The influence of marketing on public attitudes.

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