Scholarship Issues -

Links to sites to help you prepare for Scholarship Examinations.

These links are courtesy of the media studies teacher at Selwyn College.


Ian Fraser, Television and Cultural Identity:
Media Watch Audio Streams ""
News media ownership in New Zealand, Bill Rosenberg ""
The Future of Media Regulation – is there one? Russell Brown and Stephen Price ""
Report on the 2006 State of the News Media in America: ""
(Executive Summary: ""
Link to the Maori Television Website: ""
Conference Paper “The Empowering Effect of Ethics” Annabel Schuler
Scoop Article “Mourning the Loss of Objectivity” F. Al-Atraqchi
Book ‘Reclaiming Journalism in New Zealand”
Book “Understanding Journalism” Lynette Sheridan Burns New Zealand Press Council Annual Report, 2001 “What is News”
The Human Rights Commission “The media and freedom of expression”