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Giving a presentation
Arts and Letters Daily for provocative essays and articles about society.
History of the media video
TV News and the internet
The death of the film studio?
Ray Bradbury - Sci Fi writer
Science Fiction made the present - now it's obsolete
The internet makes us dumb. (S1m0ne )
Cloning & parenthood: Genetic engineering. A eugenics type solution (NZ) (Gattaca )
Bradbury & 451F (Frahenheit 451 Film )
Making Life from Scratch. (Gattaca )
Google & privacy (Truman Show / S1m0ne)
Marketing Films- the Studio in action. ( Spiderman 3)
MediaWatch- Radio New Zealand Programme.
Film genre and society - Film Noir
Reality TV Shows - ethical or not? The debate. (Truman Show )
Virtual reality actors - current research. reactions (S1m0ne )
Reviews of Films - critical essays
The Atom Bomb & society
The nature of Reality (S1m0ne )
Media Ethics (S1m0ne. Truman Show )
Reality & memory in news
The merging of virtual reality with the physical world (S1m0ne )
Caught up in the Technology con - a critique of the cyber community
What is driving the future?
Secondlife and virtual reality
Total Recall is now!
Technology kills popular culture?
Media in Transition - archived articles from forums on technology in media. This site is worth mining for academic discussions on important aspects of media in the 21st Century.
Films & Women - why strong female centred films don't make it.
The impact of technology on political campaigning: YouTube & The US Elections 2008. (Clinton / Obama )
The New Zealand equivalent use of YouTube. (Labour / National / NZ First / Greens / Maori )
Film & Society - War films & Hollywood 2007.
Trends in Society:
Werewolf on Great Films
What the holds.