The Truman Show - 1998.


Genre: Science Fiction - Social commentary.
Written by Andrew Niccol. Directed by Peter Weir.
Plot Outline: Truman Burbank exists in an intricate lie - the sealed community of Seahaven which is, in reality, a huge stage set complete with a total environmental control and 5000 cameras that track his every move. Truman is unaware that his life is being manipulated until a series of accidents cause him to seek answers to the questions that have been troubling him for sometime. Eventually he overcomes the constructed fears that have served as controls on his behaviour and escapes into the real world to seek out the woman of his dreams - his adolescent love who has been removed from the programme as the relationship did not fit into the Director's vision of Truman's future.
Social Commentary:
1) The influence of T.V. reality shows
2) Abuse of power by the TV Director / Producer
3) Pervasion of advertising industry in entertainment.
4) The playing of "god" as director of a show.
5) Freewill & the individual.
6) Learning to live with Big Brother. An interesting article in The Economist Sept 30. 2007
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